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Thank you for your interest in Good Landlording.

We love hearing from genuine listeners of the podcast. Please bear a few things in mind before you contact us:

  • We do not give personal or legal advice. If you need specialist legal advice, a cost effective option is to use the Landlord Law telephone service.
  • We don’t provide coaching or mentoring on property matters. If you need support on something specific, we suggest calling the NRLA Members’ Helpline.
  • We do enjoy getting feedback and hearing ideas for new content. We do always respond to genuine readers, eventually, after finding the gems in all the spam.
  • If you’d like to appear on the show, please explain what you’d like to talk about, why you think it would be useful for our listeners. Please also include links to your appearances on other podcasts.
  • If you’re intending to spam us, don’t bother. 😊

Many thanks,

Suzanne and Richard

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