Trailer of the Good Landlording podcast

This is the trailer for the Good Landlording podcast, co-hosted and co-founded by Suzanne Smith of The Independent Landlord and Richard Jackson from Alphaletz.

Good Landlording is a new weekly podcast that comes out every Wednesday, specifically for landlords and people who want to be landlords. It is also helpful for property investors, housing providers and property businesses who want to understand the issues that matter to landlords.

Good Landlording officially launched on 3rd April. The first podcast episode will be released on Wednesday 10 April and is about the most important topic for any business: our customers. For landlords, that’s our renters.

You can listen to the trailer on the player above or on your favourite podcast app, or read the show notes and links below. You will find the full transcript at the end of this post.

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What does the new Good Landlording podcast cover?

Each week we take a different challenge that landlords face, and discuss how to tackle it. Practical topics that really matter to landlords, and not just moaning about the state of the private rented sector.

We’re starting with the topics that members of The Independent Landlord Community private Facebook group suggested, including the following:

We’ll also do regular updates on new legislation, including the Renters Reform Bill, and whatever a new government brings us. This is Suzanne Smith’s speciality as she worked as a solicitor for 25 years before becoming a landlord.

How do we follow the podcast?

Follow us on your favourite podcast app, which you can find in the side bar on this page.

You can also sign up to our newsletter using the form below so you’ll have easy links to the useful show notes of each episode that will only be available on this website.

Here are direct links to the weekly episodes:

Although we include references to the Renters Reform Bill in our weekly episodes, where relevant, here are special episodes that concentrate on the Renters Reform Bill:

Can I submit a question for Suzanne and Richard to answer?

Yes, we love getting questions from our listeners.

You can ask a question or suggest a topic for future podcast episodes by completing this question form, or by sending us your question via our contact form.

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Hello, and welcome to Good Landlording. I’m Richard from Alphaletz.

And I’m Suzanne from the Independent Landlord blog.

Together, we’re really excited to bring you a weekly podcast called Good Landlording that we co-host. Each week, we’ll pick a particular challenge that landlords face and discuss how to tackle it.

Yes, and it’s not some dreaded moan-fest about the state of the private rented sector either.

The topics that really matter to you, like the practical things.

And this podcast is different.

So who’s it for?

Well, landlords, as it says on the tin, people who want to be landlords, those who prefer to be identified as property investors or even housing providers, and anyone in the property business who wants to understand the issues that matter to landlords. We started with the topics that were suggested by members of the Independent Landlord Facebook Group.

And to be a good landlord, you need to get the basics right.

For instance:

  • How to pick good letting agents.
  • How to self-manage.
  • What to do about rent increases.
  • How to tackle the dreaded things like damp and mould.
  • What are newbie landlords need to know?
  • How to scale your business as “as a landlord efficiently.
  • How to handle rent arrears.
  • How to choose tenants.
  • And above all, how to be a good landlord, the Good Landlording way.

We’ll also do regular updates on new legislation, which is Suzanne’s specialty.

And with everything that’s going on in the PRS at the moment, being a landlord is a challenge, but if you get it right, it’s a great business to be in.

So we’re going to bring you practical tips every week to help you start, grow and succeed as a good landlord.

The Good Landlording way.

You can find and follow Good Landlording on your favourite podcast app, including Apple, Spotify, Google and even YouTube.

And we have detailed show notes on our new website,, and you can sign up there for our newsletter, and you can also follow Good Landlording on social media.

And in the meantime, Good Landlording.

From Good Landlording: Trailer of Good Landlording, 28 Mar 2024

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